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Joey Vitale Culinary Scholarship

Each year, in partnership with Kent Career Technical Center, we will award 2 graduating KCTC students with a scholarship to be used to further their education. These students will embody Joey's passion for culinary arts while showing an unmatched level of integrity and perseverance.


2019 Recipients

Hannah Wright

Tymbre Flint

Screen Shot 2020-03-07 at 6.21.44 PM.png

Hannah is currently studying at the Secchia Culinary Institute at GRCC, pursuing her degree in Culinary Arts with a certificate in baking and pastry.  She hopes to follow in her parents footsteps and own a small business of her own one day. 

tymbree f 1.jpg

Tymbre is currently attending Northwood University to obtain her bachelors in hospitality management. She hopes to work in different resorts around the country in order to diversify her experience, and fulfill her dreams of traveling. Eventually she hops to return back to Michigan to open her own business.  

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